We Recycle Clothes


WE RECYCLE CLOTHES HELPING OUR ENVIRONMENT Brief We Recycle Clothes collects and recycles clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. After being in the recycling business of used clothing for over 15 years, the company has learned better and more environmentally friendly ways to collect and sell [...]

Dental Practice Marketing


Dental Practice Marketing Getting new patients is becoming more difficult as the competition between dental practices is visibly intense. When one looks around, most dental practices are using the same marketing strategy to get new patients: tweaking the website and posting on social media. That is no longer enough. Like every other business [...]

Website design for a leading beverage company


Website design for a leading beverage company The redesign of Caialua website presents avid Cachaça drinkers with a rich experience consisting of vivid product photography and mouth-watering drinks. Cachaça never looked so tempting in this newly revamped web experience. DESIGN The inviting homepage introduces the company’s products with [...]

Construction company going digital


YOUNG CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GOING DIGITAL Airtown is a young and modern construction company, delivering residential and commercial construction projects across the UK. The company engaged with Accedor and our partner MobMe to create a new, mobile-friendly and responsive website to highlight its services. It is well [...]

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