Dalm Management & Strategy


DALM - CONSULTING FOR UNIVERSITIES INFORMATIVE WEBSITE Brief DALM Management & Strategy is a consulting company that offers a wide range of high-quality teaching and extra-curricular activities for Top Universities across Europe. The company offers various services, including training packages, management and strategy support, and [...]

SIV Meats


SIV MEATS - SHOP TASTY WEBSITE Brief SIV Meats is a premium meat shop located in London, UK. The company was founded in 2022 and is growing exponentially because of its high-level quality meat offers. THE PROJECT There are [...]

Debora Dental


DEBORA DENTAL (DPG DENTISTRY) - DENTAL CLINIC WEBSITE AND MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Brief Debora Dental is a specialist orthodontist in central London. Dr Debora Gutierrez has been providing orthodontic services in the UK since 2016. THE PROJECT Enhance the online presence of [...]

Companhia da Vacina


COMPANHIA DA VACINA - E-COMMERCE E-COMMERCE FOR THE VACCINATION CENTRES IN BRAZIL Brief Companhia da Vacina is a group of vaccination centres in Brazil. They work with the highest quality immunobiological vaccines that are regulated by the Ministry of Health of Brazil. The company was [...]

Sorriso Design


SORRISO DESIGN - DENTAL CLINIC A FULL-SCOPE PROJECT Brief Sorriso Design is a high-end private dental clinic in Milton Keynes, UK. The company was founded in 2021 and quickly became a point of reference in the region by the high-level quality of services provided. Dr [...]

Juliane Scandian


JULIANE SCANDIAN - COSMETIC DENTISTRY HOW WE TACKLED THE BRIEF GIVEN TO US Brief Dr Juliane Scandian is a very traditional and known dentist in Milton Keynes and the region. Her patients come from far to treat her, and she quickly became a reference in Cosmetic [...]

Dental Practice Marketing


Dental Practice Marketing Getting new patients is becoming more difficult as the competition between dental practices is visibly intense. When one looks around, most dental practices are using the same marketing strategy to get new patients: tweaking the website and posting on social media. That is no longer enough. Like every other business [...]

Website design for a leading beverage company


Website design for a leading beverage company The redesign of Caialua website presents avid Cachaça drinkers with a rich experience consisting of vivid product photography and mouth-watering drinks. Cachaça never looked so tempting in this newly revamped web experience. DESIGN The inviting homepage introduces the company’s products with [...]

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