Google Ads Management

Google Ads is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising, but it can be challenging to manage.
Unexperienced users can waste a huge amount of money with minimum results.

No matter what your Google Ads budget is, our goal is to get you the maximum number of relevant clicks possible. To do that, we need to make sure your ads appear for the keywords that are most likely to bring you more customers.

How Google Ads work

Google Ads, also known as Pay-per-Click (PPC), AdWords, etc., are digital advertising published on Google’s platform, aiming to display your company on a search engine’s results page.

When someone enters a term (i.e. keyword) into a search engine like Google, companies have the opportunity to bid on having their advertisements displayed on the search results page.

The company that bids the highest price for the click usually gets placed at the top of the page. And the top position gets the highest number of clicks.

How much does Google Ads cost?

Opening a Google Ads account is free but requires expertise to configure it properly.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform, which means that advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad.

How much does it cost each time someone clicks on a Google Ad?

An auction process for each keyword or phrase determines each click’s price. If there are many companies bidding for the same phrase, then the cost per click will tend to be much higher. If there are only a few companies bidding on a phrase, then the cost can be very low.

Our approach

Research & Discovery
You talk, we listen. We want to learn as much about your business as possible, including the intricacies of your target audience, your profit margins, and the lifetime value of your customers.
Competitive Research
We come to the table with a healthy respect for the competition. Not only do we take the time to really understand your industry and who the different players are, but we also use industry-leading software to research and analyse the digital advertising footprint of your competitor campaigns.
Complete Account Analysis
The most valuable asset available to us is your historical account data, if you have one. We'll parse through this vast amount of data in search of valuable trends that will guide our strategy. Google Ads management without a deep historical and competitive analysis is simply not doing the job right.
Strategy & Campaign Build
We take all of our research and analysis and translate it into an effective PPC strategy. With unrivalled attention to detail, we'll construct campaigns that maximise profitability and are enabled to scale.
Optimise, Grow, Repeat
As your Google Ads campaign performance data rolls in, we will make changes and pivot where necessary. We'll bring a proactive approach as we A/B split test new ideas and seek new opportunities for growth. Every client that comes to us for Ads management can see enormous improvements in their ROI if their campaigns were thoughtfully and analytically optimised.

About Google Ads campaigns

Google offers a variety of campaign types to help you reach your advertising goals. The right campaign type for you will depend on your business goals, budget, and target audience.

  • Google Search Campaigns
    These are the most popular type of campaigns. They show your ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) when people search for keywords related to your business. We ensure your ads are there when your customers are looking for you and work on compelling ad copy to outperform your competitors.
  • Display Ad Campaigns
    This type of Google Ads campaign shows your ads on websites and apps across the web.
  • Video Ad Campaigns
    We can help you better promote your business through YouTube ads on one of the world’s leading search engines.
  • Shopping Campaigns
    Shopping campaigns show your ads for products that people are searching for on Google.
  • Smart Ads
    With the rise of machine learning, we can utilise the best parts of smart campaigns to help your business succeed online.
  • Performance Max Campaigns
    Get the lasted campaign type from Google working hard for your business.

Tip: How to target the correct group of keywords:

  • Target precision keywords (exact match)
    When someone searches for these keywords, they are ABSOLUTELY looking for your type of business. Examples – “pizza restaurant near me” or “emergency plumber near me for a leaking hot water heater in London”
  • Broadly target (phrase match)
    The person COULD BE looking for your type of business. For example, if you bid on the phrase match keyword “buy shoes online,” your ad could show up for searches like “buy shoes online now” and “best place to buy shoes online.”
  • Generic – Outer rings (broad match)
    The person MIGHT BE looking for your type of business. Examples – “pizza” or “hot water boiler”

  • Miss the Target
    The person PROBABLY ISN’T looking for your business. Examples – “restaurant” or “how to repair a hot water boiler yourself.” The person looking for a “restaurant” could be looking for fast food or fine dining – not necessarily a pizza place. The person looking for “how to repair a hot water boiler yourself” is probably looking for instructions, not your services.

The more targeted keywords you hit, the more likely you are to get new customers from your Google Ads. When you hire our team of Google Ads experts, our job is to get you as many targeted keywords as we can.

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