Dalm Management & Strategy


DALM - CONSULTING FOR UNIVERSITIES INFORMATIVE WEBSITE Brief DALM Management & Strategy is a consulting company that offers a wide range of high-quality teaching and extra-curricular activities for Top Universities across Europe. The company offers various services, including training packages, management and strategy support, and [...]

SIV Meats


SIV MEATS - SHOP TASTY WEBSITE Brief SIV Meats is a premium meat shop located in London, UK. The company was founded in 2022 and is growing exponentially because of its high-level quality meat offers. THE PROJECT There are [...]

Debora Dental


DEBORA DENTAL (DPG DENTISTRY) - DENTAL CLINIC WEBSITE AND MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Brief Debora Dental is a specialist orthodontist in central London. Dr Debora Gutierrez has been providing orthodontic services in the UK since 2016. THE PROJECT Enhance the online presence of [...]

Companhia da Vacina


COMPANHIA DA VACINA - E-COMMERCE E-COMMERCE FOR THE VACCINATION CENTRES IN BRAZIL Brief Companhia da Vacina is a group of vaccination centres in Brazil. They work with the highest quality immunobiological vaccines that are regulated by the Ministry of Health of Brazil. The company was [...]

Sorriso Design


SORRISO DESIGN - DENTAL CLINIC A FULL-SCOPE PROJECT Brief Sorriso Design is a high-end private dental clinic in Milton Keynes, UK. The company was founded in 2021 and quickly became a point of reference in the region by the high-level quality of services provided. Dr [...]

Juliane Scandian


JULIANE SCANDIAN - COSMETIC DENTISTRY HOW WE TACKLED THE BRIEF GIVEN TO US Brief Dr Juliane Scandian is a very traditional and known dentist in Milton Keynes and the region. Her patients come from far to treat her, and she quickly became a reference in Cosmetic [...]

Website design for a leading beverage company


Website design for a leading beverage company The redesign of Caialua website presents avid Cachaça drinkers with a rich experience consisting of vivid product photography and mouth-watering drinks. Cachaça never looked so tempting in this newly revamped web experience. DESIGN The inviting homepage introduces the company’s products with [...]

Full rebranding to a dental practice in Milton Keynes


FULL MARKETING FOR A GROUP OF DENTAL PRACTICES Dental Specialists MK is a well-established dental practice in Milton Keynes, with two other practices in St Albans and Melton Mowbray. Although Dental Specialists MK is a private clinic, they also take NHS patients on a referral basis. The company needed [...]

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