Website design for a leading beverage company


Website design for a leading beverage company The redesign of Caialua website presents avid Cachaça drinkers with a rich experience consisting of vivid product photography and mouth-watering drinks. Cachaça never looked so tempting in this newly revamped web experience. DESIGN The inviting homepage introduces the company’s products with [...]

Full rebranding to a dental practice in Milton Keynes


FULL MARKETING FOR A GROUP OF DENTAL PRACTICES Dental Specialists MK is a well established dental practice in Milton Keynes, with two other practices in St Albans and Melton Mowbray. Although Dental Specialists MK is a private clinic, they also take NHS patients on a referral basis. The company [...]

Social Media Management for Concierge


SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CONCIERGE Accedor was asked to develop an integrated marketing campaign aimed at increasing brand recognition while driving more traffic to the website. There are many challenges to consider and overcome when it comes to social media management and integrated marketing campaigns: Quantity vs Quality The balance of both is tricky. Auto-scheduling posts [...]

Full Rebranding to a Family Office and Concierge


FAMILY OFFICE BRAND MODERNISATION CNH Trust is a global family office and concierge business. The traditional company was looking for an expansion to its service range as well as a full branding redesign. Rebranding projects are always challenging, and here are some of the challenges we faced, and how we overcame them: Past [...]

CRM Implementation


LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS THAN EVER When a company is interested in knowing all about its customers, it is when the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system takes place. The concierge division of CNH wanted to have a new CRM system implemented, to understand their customer behaviour, purchasing patterns and [...]

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