Dental Practice Marketing

Getting new patients is becoming more difficult as the competition between dental practices is visibly intense.
When one looks around, most dental practices are using the same marketing strategy to get new patients: tweaking the website and posting on social media. That is no longer enough.

Like every other business type, Dental Practices, Medical Clinics and other healthcare professionals share some common attributes when it comes to a marketing plan, but each area of healthcare has a different target market, and each practice stands out in their own way; that is why there is no one size fits all.

It all begins with your growth objective

  • Do you have as many patients as you can handle and only need to keep the calls coming, or are you looking to grow your practice?

  • How many calls are you getting today from your website? What about your social media?

  • What are your most profitable types of patients? What would you like having more? How much is a new patient worth to you? These are important to assess your marketing budget.

  • Does your practice have a focus? Are there particular dental treatments you specialise? In which treatment type do you typically see the most impressive results based on your records? Do you focus more on preventive, on corrective or emergencies?

dental x-ray

The Basic Elements

reception at dental practice
  • Google My Business – It is a fact that people are using Google Maps to find the closest gas station, restaurants, stores or any business that can meet their needs. It’s a powerful medium for marketing, so make sure that your listing shows up high in your area for your particular field of business.

  • Google Ads – With Google Ads, you will see more of the benefits of your online marketing efforts. If you Google how you would like to be found and see your competitor’s ads, then you’ll need to be there too.

  • A Website That Converts – Does your website look like it’s a blast from the past? Dentistry involves capital-heavy treatments that require a high level of patient trust. An outdated, broken, or no website at all can quickly vent away that confidence. Your website needs to load in 2 seconds or less, look great on mobile and make it very obvious what you do and why you’re different from other dental practices.

  • Local SEO – SEO is one of the most cost-effective and fastest ways to be found and should definitely be part of your strategy. This is achieved by creating a rich list of keyword, and publish them in hundreds of online directories.

  • Newsletter and Blog – Regularly connecting to your patients and prospective patients with a monthly newsletter and blog is extremely important to remain on top of their minds. Share with them some healthy tips, upcoming events and pictures of members of the staff or patients. Always get permission before publishing pictures.

The Next Level On Dental Practice Marketing

  • Social Media – You probably know that the way to boost business is by increasing your word of mouth referrals. Are you active daily on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Social Media is where you enable endorsements, community presence, and add a boost to your digital content strategies.

  • CRM System – Are you or your practice manager networking for referrals?  Do you take full advantage of the handfuls of business cards you collect or do they sit on your desk? A CRM system is a perfect tool to automate nurturing those leads and helps improve relationships between dentists and patients. Send customised emails that look like you fired them off from your account personally.  Ask for referrals and testimonials, automate aspects of your new patient onboarding.  Did an initial consultation not convert to a patient?  Send an automated check-in.

  • SEO – helps dental practices increase their traffic and customer appointments over the long term. You can improve your rankings on Google and other search engines by optimising the load speed of your dental practice’s website. This is achieved by making changes to the code to be more search engine friendly, and optimising your content for target dentistry keywords.

  • Professional Content (Photos, Illustrations and Videos) – Show professional photos on your website of you treating your patients. Visitors to your website or social media should get a feel for what it would be like to work with you.

Dentist during treatment

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