How to Contribute to ACCEDOR

We accept contributions from bloggers, marketers and other professionals who have already an idea in mind.

Any posts and articles accepted for publication must be exclusive to ACCEDOR, be 100% original and be longer than 1,100 words.

It cannot include any type of plagiarism (external or self). We will scan your post against other publications. You cannot copy phrases and sentences from your own previous posts (self-plagiarism). In case you need to use somebody else’s sentence, please make sure you have it properly attributed.

Before writing, make sure you discuss your ideas with the website owner as there might be other similar posts undergoing.

In-blog links are okay to be used as long as it is related to a third-party authoritative, giving you support to your argument. No promotional links are allowed. We will add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link at any time, before or after an article is published if we need to.

We prefer posts that include examples, “how-to”, “what” and “why” type of posts, which also gives some advice to the readers.

We do not accept any external pitch, i.e. don’t try to sell or recommend any external product or service.

Make it yours and add great insights, ideas and information.

Make your post SEO friendly: Optimise your headline, the URL, images, keywords, content type, excerpt, and choose a category.

Images (PNG and GIF are accepted) will also be checked and removed should we need to. Give images credits (e.g. Featured image: ,
The screenshot was taken by the author on May 2020)

You will need to wait 3 weeks before republishing your post or article, and when you do so, you must use a canonical link to avoid duplicate content issues.

After submitted for review, your post will be reviewed and corrected when and where necessary. We can also reject your article if we find out that, for instance, it was not written by you.

Make sure you create your bio before starting. Upload your coloured photo, add links to your Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter profiles, your company details with your position.

Contact us here should you have any questions.