We all recognise that the competition between dental practices is though and attracting new (private) patients is becoming more difficult.
Those days when there was only one dental practice near your home are gone, and patients have more choice than ever.

Analysing dental practices in the UK, we have noticed similar offers and services amongst them, so from the patients’ point of view, they look the same.


More of the same is not taking you anywhere. Make it different!

The difference may not be in what to offer to patients, but how to communicate it to them.

Most dental practices are using the same marketing strategy to get new patients: having a website (half of those we have analysed were outdated), posting on social media (once in a while) and waiting for patients to call. That is not enough.

Dental practices are business and need to be treated as such, and this is where marketing jumps in.

Our analysis found that dental practices are now investing in building a comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy, not only to get found by new patients but also to retain your existing ones.
We know that to get more private patients for dental practice may require a certain marketing budget, but it doesn’t need to be large.

Promoting your dental practice needs to be financially viable. TV ads, magazine placements, and radio spots may not make sense for your return on investment.

Let’s take a look at some marketing initiatives to get more patients for dental practices.


Let’s start by your website.

  • Is it updated?
  • Brings accurate information?
  • Easy to navigate?
  • Loads quickly?

I am pretty sure Google came to your mind, and all these questions are crucial if you want your website to be at the top of Google search result page when someone searches for dental practices.

We want them to find you!

Dentistry involves capital-heavy treatments that require a high level of patient trust. An outdated, broken, or no website at all can quickly vent away that confidence.

We can make your website looks professional, slick, and contemporary, with interactive elements and educational content to inform the visitors (your current or potential new patients) about your practice and treatments and to answer the questions they might have.

Check some of our recent projects here.


Google My Business

It is a fact that people are using Google Maps to find the closest gas station, restaurants, stores or any business that can meet their needs.

It’s a powerful medium for marketing, so make sure that your listing shows up high in your area for your particular field of business. By doing this, you can acquire a significant amount of traffic, without spending much on advertising.

Google My Business is a credible way to establish your online presence and reach more potential customers.

We can improve your website performance on local search results with the configurations of your Google My Business.

Customer Retention

Several studies indicate that acquiring new patients can cost six to seven times more than selling to an existing one.

Don’t let your patients go away after they finish the treatment. Bring them back for review, offer them new treatments, time-to-time check-ups, etc. You don’t need to hire ten people to go through the list of patients and check who is due for a check-up and who is willing to buy additional treatments.

CRM systems can do this for you, automatically.

Did you know that the return on investment to install a CRM system to promote your dental practice to existing patients (or new) can be as low as two returning patients*?


CRM – Customer Relationship Management

There are thousands of dental practices already using CRM systems, and some of these systems are even free and GDPR compliant.

They collect and organise information about your patients and prospects. It also connects to your website so you are notified when a new or existing patient is browsing your website, collecting the information you need and sends automated emails to those who can potentially buy something from you.

Don’t forget your current and previous patients when marketing a new treatment. Take stock of the leads you lost in earlier campaigns and let nothing slip through the cracks.

Accedor has long experience in implementing CRM for dental practices, and we specialise in marketing for dental practices, so you can trust us to manage your marketing activities.

Optimise Content

Content marketing can help you to showcase business values and provide interesting information which is relevant to your potential patients.

There are many platforms or channels where you can distribute your content online, such as your website, blog, social media pages and email newsletters.

Accedor can help your dental practice to create relevant and captive content to attracts patients.

social media

Use Social Media

Most dental practices are already using social media to interact with other business and customers and gain information. You can create a presence on all of the social media platforms, but you should try to focus on those with the highest traffic and best relevance for your business.

It can take some time to grow your social media audience, but if you are persistent, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits.

Find more information about the best social media for business here.


Dental Marketing Strategies that are trackable

The tactics you use to promote your dental practice need to be trackable and measured, meaning, you need to be able to see where your money is being spent and how many calls, new patients, and other valuable metrics are produced from your budget.

Don’t be fooled by fancy metrics. We from Accedor will use and track valuable metrics, to grow your dental practice in a big way.

Dental Marketing Strategies that are well executed

Whichever marketing strategies your dental practice decides to use, you need professionals who can make them happen with high standard.

We are Chartered Marketers, specialised in Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing and Metrics.

Dental Marketing Strategies that actually work

Many dental practices we speak with don’t know where to start. They try out a bunch of different tactics that don’t produce results.

Accedor will produce a detailed report and highlight real strategies that actually produce long-term results.


  • Create a new and engaging website

    If you already have one, make sure it is updated.

  • Use Google local business

    Make sure all information on the Google Local Business is updated. Add photos and hours of operation.

  • Make usage of Social Media

    This is free marketing. Make it engaging and as frequent as possible. You will get more followers if you publish constantly, but not overwhelming.

  • Send newsletters

    Your patients want to hear from you. Share useful information, not trying to sell your services, but educating your patients and giving them valuable tips.

  • Survey

    Better than guessing what your patients think about your practice, ask them for an honest opinion.

  • Ask for feedback

    Feedbacks are the best publicity you can get, directly from your patients. If it is positive, thank your patients. If it is negative, thank as well, and improve your services so that it never happens again.

If you need help in implementing these actions, get in contact with usCall us now.


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